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  • Triumph Or Agony - Rhapsody of Fire (novo Álbum)


    Hellion Records

    Triumph Or Agony - Rhapsody of Fire (novo Álbum)


    Triumph Or Agony - Rhapsody of Fire (novo Álbum)
    Marca Hellion Records
    Referência HEL 0597
    Cód. Barras 7898237385976
    Autor Rhapsody

    Triumph Or Agony
    Heart of the Darklands
    Old Age of Wonders
    The Myth of the Holy Sword
    Il Canto Del Vento
    Silent Dream
    Bloody Red Dungeons
    Son of Pain
    The Mystic Prophecy of the Demonknight
    Dark Reign of Fire
    Defenders of Gaia - Bonus Track
    A New Saga Begins - Bonus Track
  • Visions From the Enchanted Lands - Rhapsody - 2 DVDs


    Hellion Records

    Visions From the Enchanted Lands - Rhapsody - 2 DVDs



    Unholy Warcry
    The Past Few Years
    The Wisdom of The Kings (Live from Germany)
    The Fans
    The Village of Dwarves (Live from Canada)
    The Mystical Journey
    Erians Mystical Rhymes (Live from Canada)
    Drum Solo (Live from Canada)
    Canadian Cousins
    Dawn of Victory (Live from Canada)
    Lamento Eroico (Live from Canada)
    Emerald Sword (Live from Canada)
    The Village of Dwarves (Live from Czech Republic)
    Land of Immortals (Live from Czech Republic)
    Holy Thunderforce (Live from Germany)


    Unholy Warcry (Music video)
    The Magic of the Wizards Dream (Video)
    The Making of the Dark Secret (Documentario)
    The Making of the Wizards Dream (Documentario)
    Unholy Warcry (Live from USA)
    Live Equipment
    Triumph or Agony
    Rehearsal - Erians Mystical Rhymes
    The Village of Dwarves
    Unholy Warcry (Video Clip - behind the scenes)

    Marca Hellion Records
    Referência HELDVD 0691AB
    Idioma Inglês
    Duração Aproximada Aprox. 195 Min.
    Cód. Barras 7898237386911
    Autor Rhapsody

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