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Nichole Nordeman

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Nichole Nordeman

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Nichole NordemanNichole Nordeman -  Nasceu

Nichole Nordeman

The Unmaking (CD)
1. The Unmaking
2. Not to Us
3. Name
4. Love You More
5. Something out of Me
6. Slow Down

The Unmaking

Recollection: The Best of Nicole Nordeman (CD)
1. Holy
2. To Know You
3. This Mystery
4. Every Season
5. Sunrise
6. Brave
7. Legacy
8. Finally Free
9. Is It Any Wonder?
10. I Am
11. What If
12. Fool For You
13. Even Then
14. Why?
15. Real To Me
16. Who You Are
17. River God

Recollection: The Best of Nicole Nordeman

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