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7 Years of Brutality (CD)
1. Bastard Boss (Re-Recorded)
2. Globo (Re-Recorded)
3. Mercenary Pastor (Remastered)
4. Dilacerated
5. Decay’s Beholder (Remastered)
6. Stop The Manipulation (Re-Recorded Feat. Luke Renno Vocals)
7. 777 (Re-Recorded)
8. Fatality Brutality
9. God Is Alive (Remastered)
10. Killer Tendency (Remastered)
11. Satan
12. Wild Civilization (Feat. Jason Campbell)

7 Years of Brutality

Decay´s Beholder (CD)
1. Decay’s Beholder, Behold The War
2. Decay’s Beholder
3. 33
4. Killer Tendency
5. Drink The Third World
6. Threw Out Prophecies
7. Lies Of Santa Claus
8. True Human Nature
9. Wild Civilization
10. Quiet Ocean Of Lies
11. Disposable
12. Foolish Evildoers III

Decay´s Beholder

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