Flora Purim

  (Flora Purim)

Flora é MPM (1965) RCA Victor LP
Butterfly dreams (1973) Milestone LP
500 miles high at Montreux live (1975) Milestone LP
Stories to tell (1974) Milestone LP
Open your eyes you can fly (1976) Milestone LP
That's what she said (1978) Milestone LP
Encounter (1977) Milestone LP
Nothing will be as it was... tomorrow (1977) Warner Brothers LP
Everyday, everynight (1978) Warner Brothers LP
Carry on (1979) Warner Brothers LP
Humble people (1985) Concord LP
The magicians (1986) Crossover LP
The midnight sun (1988) Venture LP
The colours of life (1988) In and Out LP
The sun is out (1989) Crossover LP
The flight (1994) B&W CD
Welcome back (1995) B&W CD single
Speed of light (1995) B&W CD
Flora Purim sings Milton Nascimento (2000) Melt CD
Perpetual emotion (2001) Narada Jazz CD
Flora Purim sings Milton Nascimento (2002) Narada Jazz CD
Speak no evil (2003) Narada Jazz/Virgin/EMI Records CD

How insensitive (1969) Blue Note LP
Moondreams (1969) A&M LP
It could only happen with you (1970) Blue Note LP
Natural feelings (1970) Buddha LP
Hermeto (Brazilian adventures) (1970) Cobblestone/Muse LP.
Seeds on the ground (1971) Buddha LP
Return to forever (1972) ECM LP
Free (1972) CTI LP
Welcome (1972) CBS LP
Borboleta (1973) CBS LP
Fingers (1973) CTI LP
Light as a feather (1973) Polydor LP
Virgin land (1974) Salvation LP
Deodato/Airto in concert (1974) CTI LP
Identity (1975) Arista LP
Promises of the sun (1976) Arista LP
Slaves mass (1977) Warner Brothers LP
I'm fine how are you? (1977) Warner Brothers LP
Touching you, touching me (1978) Warner Brothers LP
Where flamingos fly (1981) Artists House LP
Voices in the rain (1983) MCA LP
Dafos (1985) Ryko LP
Mountains and the sea (1986) Water Lilly LP
Aqui se puede (1986) Montuno LP
Three way mirror (1987) Reference LP
Samba de Flora (1988) Montuno LP
Struck by lightning (1989) Venture LP
Play river music - Rhythm Devils (1989)
The other side of this (1989) Ryko LP
Rhythmstick (1990) CTI CD
Live at the Royal Festival Hall. Dizzy & U.N. Orchestra (1990) Enja CD
Planet drum. Mickey Hart (1991) Ryco CD
Live at Ronnie Scott's Fourth World (1992) Jazz House CD
Fourth World. Fourth World (1993) B&W CD
Neto. Jose Neto (1993) B&W CD
Encounters of the Fourth World. Fourth World (1995) B&W CD
Last journey. Fourth World (1999) Melt CD
Homeless. Airto Moreira (2000) Melt CD