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Candi Staton

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    Candi Staton

    Laser Company

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    Candi Station


    Candi Station

    Marca Laser Company
    Referência ASW94432
    Cód. Barras 724359443225
    ANO 2003
    Autor Candi Staton

    I´m Just a Prisoner (of Your Good Lovin´)
    I´d Rather Be an Old Man´s Sweetheart (than a Young Man´s Fool)
    The Best Thing You Use
    Someone You Use
    That´s How Strong My Love Is
    Another Man´s Woman, Another Woman´s Man
    He Called Me Baby
    Sweet Feeling
    Do Your Duty
    love chain
    Stand By Your Man
    Heart On a String
    Too Hurt To Cry
    you don´t love me no more
    Mr And Mrs Untrue
    How Can I Put Out the Flame (when You Keep the Fire Burning)
    To Hear You Say You´re Mine
    Sure as Sin
    What Would Become of Me
    In the Ghetto
    Get It When I Want It
    Freedom Is Beyond the Door
    I´ll Drop Everything And Come Running
    The Thanks I Get For Loving You
    I´m Gonna Hold

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